Faces of ACES

Meet Our People

ACES employees come from diverse backgrounds and have unique talents and abilities. We value our employees’ diversity, recognizing that is how the best ideas and outcomes are derived.

Our Employees

Nate Wyatt

Training Manager

Andy Schoettle

Executive Director of Portfolio Management

Kasia Haynes

Senior Contract Specialist

Zac Edstrom

Portfolio Director

Joe Rawlins

Manager of Portfolio Valuation

Kasey Ruppe

SQL Developer

Jessica Fleck

Senior Trader

Chris Armstrong

Transmission Analyst II

Courtney Stooksbury Parker

Corporate Counsel

Alex Huff

Portfolio Director

Graham Becher

Executive Director of Portfolio Strategy

Arash Zafari

Senior Reliability Engineer

Howard Wong

Director of Risk Management

Jeff Hume

Executive Director of Business Development

Victoria Pierson

Lead Settlements Analyst

Julie Knoth

Office Administrator

Darius Godwin

Network Administrator

Chris Jimenez

Portfolio Director

Charlotte Massie

Lead Trading Control Analyst