Rob Guernsey

Systems Administrator

October 2022

As a Systems Administrator, Rob Guernsey works on the back end of ACES’ servers to make sure everything runs smoothly, while diagnosing any issues that may occur. This includes handling SharePoint security for ACES and the National Renewables Cooperative Organization (NRCO), patching electronic file transfer (EFT) servers, and resolving department application issues.

Prior to his three years at ACES, Rob attended IUPUI where he majored in New Media, but pointed out that his Certificate in Computer Science has been far more useful to his career since graduating. After finishing his studies, he started working as a systems administrator for IUPUI’s Financial Support Group. After a few years in this role, he decided he wanted to pursue education in recording engineering at the Reporting Workshop in Chilicothe, Illinois. He used this experience to work as an independent contractor working with audio and stage-crafting for major events in Indianapolis, such as the Indy 500 and Zoobilation at the Indianapolis Zoo. After deciding that the work schedule was too unreliable and unsustainable, he started working for Apple and was brought back into the world of Information Technology. He then found himself at Nine Star Connect, a member of Wabash Valley Power Alliance (WVPA). It was here that he learned he really enjoyed the cooperative environment and knew that was something he wanted to continue pursuing. When a position at ACES opened, he knew it would be a great fit. “You have so many resources in the co-op world, I don’t feel like people are competitive. If we need to reach out for help with things, we get cooperation like the name suggests. People are very supportive.

Rob has always been interested in music, and was drawn to everything about it from performance to production. He is an avid collector of vinyl records, and has collected over 10,000 albums over the years, even to the point that it has caused storage problems. One of his favorites is James Brown, and he owns close to 200 of his records. Rob considers Miles Davis a close second. Apart from a clear appreciation for the recordings of artists all over the world, he also produces and performs music himself. He plays the drums and other percussion, and is a current member of his band “Isolation Drills” that performs at local breweries and bars. Rob also has an interest in repairing old stereo equipment as a hobby, and hosted a radio show at WICR – the University of Indianapolis’ radio station – fully establishing his devotion to the realm of audible entertainment.1

Travelling is another favorite activity for Rob, but he has not been able to do much of it lately. One of Rob’s quirks is that even though he does not particularly like McDonald’s, he enjoys visiting them in foreign countries to try the different varieties of food items offered that are unique to the regions. He has been to several different countries, including Japan, England, France, Italy, Canada, Mexico, and Singapore.

His advice for new employees, “join Power Talkers. That’s something I did when I started at ACES and it gave me an opportunity to get to know a lot of people in other departments. You experience many personalities and it gives you a better connection. It’s great to have a face to put with a name when assisting coworkers with their IT issues.”