Flexible Service Offerings

ACES Power Marketing has come a long way since its early days focused primarily on Trading Services. ACES offers a broad suite of Energy Risk Management and Transaction Execution services. Our Clients can select specific service packages, or utilize individual services on an á la carte basis. We encourage a hands-on, participatory approach to transaction execution and risk management. ACES is unique in that it acts as agent on behalf of Clients. This means that ACES does not take, and never has taken, ownership to any commodity, including power, natural gas, fuel oil, emissions, renewable energy credits, transmission, or natural gas pipeline transportation. This simple, yet powerful, business model ensures that ACES will not have a conflicting commercial position within any market Clients operate in, and that all transactions are in the best interest of the Client.

Hourly/Term Trading

Optimizing Portfolios Across Markets


Expertise to Manage Uncertainty

Portfolio Strategy

Long-Term, Strategic Portfolios


Adaptive Navigation of a Fluid Space


Efficiency Delivered


Strong Contracts for Strong Businesses 

Portfolio Modeling

Understanding Risk and Opportunities 


Accurate, Volume-Conscious Execution


Tracking Trends and Managing Opportunities 

Contract Administration

Strong Contracts for Strong Businesses 


Continual Learning and Value Creation


Managed Risk and Controlled Exposure

Trading Control

Precise, Consistent, and Responsive


Extensive, Efficient, and Smart

Portfolio Performance Reporting

Performance at Your Fingertips

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