Victoria Pierson

Senior Lead Settlements Analyst

September 2018

Victoria Pierson joined ACES in 2014 as a Settlements Analyst. “I was working and living in Chicago, but looking for a change,” Victoria recalls, “I grew up near Chicago and love the city, but I found the pace of a smaller city like Indianapolis to be more attractive.” When contemplating moving, a former employee recommended Victoria consider applying for a position at ACES. “I knew very little about the energy industry, but had a strong business background,” says Victoria. “There was a lot to learn up front, and the industry is constantly changing so there’s always something new to learn.” Victoria has excelled in her department, and was recently promoted to Lead Settlements

When asked about her role at ACES, Victoria replied, “I think sometimes the importance of our Settlements service is overlooked. We work diligently to ensure we quickly identify any issues with invoices, billing statements, or other items, such as generation operations. Identifying issues early in the process allows us to minimize their impact and provides our Members and Customers an opportunity to make adjustments. Many of these issues could be very costly for our Members and Customers if someone is not regularly checking for them.” In her role as Lead Settlements Analyst, Victoria also helps with implementation for Members and Customers that take ACES’ Settlements services, and she enjoys playing a supporting role. “While the job can be demanding at times, I enjoy that every day is not the same. There is always a new challenge to overcome. It requires good time management, but I find it very rewarding.” 

Victoria states that while her job can be quite busy, she is still able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Outside the office, Victoria and her husband enjoy traveling, trying new restaurants, and attending and watching sporting events
(particularly those of her alma mater, Indiana University). “My husband and I met my first weekend at IU, so the school is really special for us – we even named our dog Hoosier,” says Victoria. She and her husband are also avid fans of the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, and Chicago Cubs. “We were in school when Victor Oladipo was playing basketball at IU. It is awesome to see him now play professionally for the Pacers,” she adds. “I enjoy watching these teams play, but I also like that a lot of the players give back to their community – particularly the Pacers,” Victoria says. 

Giving back to the community is important to Victoria. “One of the things that I really enjoy about ACES is that they encourage employees to volunteer and often arrange opportunities to do so,” Victoria says, “I’ve volunteered with coworkers at the local Humane Society and really enjoy cooking breakfast for the residents at the Ronald McDonald House.” Cooking is another activity Victoria is passionate about. “I used to spend a lot of time with my grandfather in the summers. He was always watching cooking shows and taught me how to cook. I love trying new dishes and have been experimenting recently with Latin, Cuban, and Indian food,” says Victoria, “I also feel better knowing what is going into my food,” she adds. Victoria has recently committed to volunteer work with a local non-profit that provides healthy meals to children impacted by homelessness and hunger. 

Victoria’s dedication – both to her profession and her community – makes her a great asset to ACES.

*Note that since being published, Victoria has been promoted to Senior Lead Settlements Analyst*