Who We Are

ACES is a Nationwide Energy Management Company.

We Help Our Clients Buy, Sell, and Manage Energy More Efficiently, With Less Risk. 

What We Do

At ACES, we guide our Members and Customers through the complexities of energy risk management. More specifically, we strive to help our Members and Customers buy, sell, and manage energy more efficiently and with less risk. Ultimately, ACES aims to provide excellent service.
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Our Mission

ACES’ mission is to partner with our Members and Customers to provide comprehensive value-added services
and successfully manage their risk.

Our Vision

ACES’ vision is to be the trusted partner and leader in providing excellence in services across a broad spectrum of energy providers.

Culture Statement

ACES’ core philosophy is providing high quality service through commitment and responsiveness to our Members and Customers, diligence in our work, and a proactive approach to everything we do. We attract the best talent by cultivating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment, and valuing accountability, excellence, and integrity. We take pride in being the experts in what we do, and strive to:

    • Encourage teamwork, innovation, and success
    • Foster an environment where all employees feel included and valued
    • Support our communities
    • Promote a fulfilling and rewarding work/life integration

At ACES, we believe that it’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.

Executive Team

Mike Steffes

President & Chief Executive Officer

“Our primary focus is to help our Members and Customers manage their energy cost and risk more efficiently. We continually anticipate what risks they will encounter, and collaborate with them to effectively manage those risks.”


Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

“We devote significant resources at ACES to analyzing and verifying energy market settlements statements and invoices, one of the many activities for which I am responsible. We have developed detailed processes that ensure that our Members’ and Customers’ energy transactions are financially settled accurately.”


Senior Vice President & Chief Risk Officer

“Because there are so many inherent risks in an energy supply portfolio, and because market conditions can change so quickly, Energy Risk Management is a never-ending process. It’s like the advice you give a batter at the plate – never take your eye off the ball.”

Matthew Fischesser

Vice President & Chief Information Officer

“The mission for our technology team is for it to deliver the highest level of service possible to staff, Members, and Customers, to protect ACES’ business information technologies, and to demonstrate technology leadership and innovation that furthers our mission. Managing change, fostering innovation, providing exceptional financial stewardship, while delivering excellent service to our Members and Customers is essential to the success of our organization.”

Jason Painter

Senior Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer

“Short- and long-term strategy are vital to any business’ success. ACES works side-by-side with its Members and Customer to develop strategies to ensure their portfolios are well-positioned for the future” 

Andy Whitesitt

Senior Vice President & Chief Business Development Officer

“Continued measured growth has been critical to ACES’ success. The unique partnerships we form with each individual Client ultimately expands our overall knowledge, skillsets, and service quality”

ACES Footprint

Owned by 22 Members with over 50 Customers 

We serve: electric cooperatives, municipal utilities, public power agencies, independent power producers, renewable energy providers, industrial companies, investor-owned utilities, banks and hedge funds. 

We transact several billion dollars annually on behalf of our Clients, who operate in all of the major electricity markets in the United States and have a collective portfolio of over 50,000 MW of both load and resources.

We Take Compliance Seriously