Julie Knoth

Manager of Administrative Services

July 2018

It is impossible to understate the value of administrative staff in any organization. They are the go-to group for resolving many issues, organizing
meetings, and taking care of a wide-range of day-to-day employee needs.
Safe to say, many of us would be lost without them. Julie Knoth – ACES’
Office Administrator – oversees ACES’ administrative team who assist ACES
staff with a variety of tasks such as booking travel, making purchases, ensuring meeting materials are properly prepared, and ensuring the offices
are maintained appropriately. Julie and her team respond to issues day
and night to ensure ACES’ operations run as smooth as possible. 

Julie joined ACES in August 2013 as a temporary employee, filling an Administrative Assistant – Procurement role. “I had just moved to Indianapolis
from a small town in Northwest Indiana and was notified by a recruiter of the opening,” Julie recalls. Just a few months after beginning the temp position, Julie was offered a full-time position as Office Administrator. 

“I really enjoy working for ACES. I have new challenges every day and am
provided the freedom to do my job in the way that I find most effective
and efficient,” says Julie. “I’ve always worked jobs that required me to
wear many hats. At ACES, there’s always something new happening and new problems that we need to solve,” she adds. Julie obtained a teaching degree from Indiana University, and says that while she did not pursue that line of work, she still sees herself as somewhat of an educator – providing answers to questions from ACES staff and informing individuals on the company’s processes and procedures. 

Outside the office, Julie enjoys seeing live music as often as possible. “I have tickets for about 20 concerts this summer alone – about half of which are for Dave Matthews Band,” she adds. Julie is a long-time Dave Matthews Band fan and has traveled the world over the past 15 years with a group of friends to see them perform. “People often ask how I can see the same band over and over again, but every show is different and it’s always a fun time. I also love to travel and following this band has taken me to some amazing places.” 

Julie is also an avid reader, and works her way through about fifty books per year. “I really enjoy mysteries and thrillers, but will pick up just about anything on the best-seller’s list,” says Julie. “Indiana winters can be pretty rough, so I tend to be a bit of a hermit during those months. A stack of new and exciting books help me get through when the temperatures drop,” she adds. 

When asked about Julie’s performance, her co-workers agree that what they value the most is that she gets “stuff” done! Its Julie’s responsiveness, thoroughness, and dedication to her responsibilities that have made her an invaluable part of the team, and an ideal fit for ACES.

*Note that since being published, Julie has been promoted to Manager of Administrative Services*