Bill Morris

Manager of Meteorology

March 2023

Bill Morris is the Manager of Meteorology at ACES, where he manages the weather desk. The weather desk provides forecasts for the current day through the next major season, including wind and solar forecasts with internally developed models. The team works closely with ACES’ data scientists and portfolio modeling team to assist with modeling projects and improving load forecasts.

Bill has a strong background in meteorology and weather forecasting. Before joining ACES, he worked as a weather producer at WCPO TV in Cincinnati, where he built graphics used for production. Bill graduated from Miami University with a degree in Aeronautics and went on to graduate studies at Purdue University, where he also served as a teaching assistant.

In his personal life, Bill enjoys spending time with his eight-year-old daughter, who keeps him busy with her creative pursuits. Bill also enjoys learning code, exercising, and reading, and is a music enthusiast who has played piano, drums, and even a bit of alto saxophone.

At ACES, Bill enjoys the unique opportunity to work in the energy industry and to have a direct influence on the department’s growth and development. “Not too many people realize the energy industry employs meteorologists, and that’s information I like to surprise people with,” Bill says. He appreciates the open floor concept at ACES, which encourages collaboration and interaction with others, and the direct contact with our Members who need ACES’ services. “I feel like I’m doing meaningful work for our Members,” Bill adds.

Bill believes there are plenty of opportunities for growth and learning at ACES, regardless of a person’s background or major. His advice to new employees is “be willing to explore other areas of the company and learn more aspects of the business, and you’ll have a lot more opportunities to move up at ACES. Even if it’s not something that you majored in, there’s a lot of opportunity. There’s a wide range of backgrounds at ACES and plenty of places to move around and learn more. Becoming a subject matter expert is also important, and ACES is a great company because of the many experts that have spent years in their fields. I like what I do and haven’t had the desire to move around, but I do see the advantage it brings to other employees.”

Looking to the future, Bill has set a professional goal to become a better manager by ensuring his employees have room to grow and are recognized for their efforts. He also plans to travel to ACES’ Regional Trading Centers and gather feedback from other employees to improve his department’s service offerings.

Bill is passionate about his work and is always willing to help others. He believes ACES is here to help and strives to provide services and resources that meet our Members’ needs. The recent demand for meteorologists after Winter Storm Uri highlights the importance of ACES’ Meteorology services and the need to make these services more widely known. Bill notes, “Our goal is to make sure our Members know we’re here and that they are aware of the services, subscriptions, and resources we have to share. If there’s a forecasting need that they have, we’ll strive to provide that.”

Bill’s expertise and passion for developing our employees and providing excellent services to our Members will continue to drive his success at ACES.