Alex Huff

Portfolio Director

June 2019

Alex Huff, an ACES employee since 2005, transferred from ACES’ headquarters
in Carmel, Indiana to ACES’ East Regional Trading Center (RTC) in Raleigh,
North Carolina in 2017 and is currently serving as the Portfolio Director for
the Eastern Markets. “I joined ACES as a Term Trader and have since spent
time as Manager of Operations and, more recently, Director of Training, and
Director of Trading. My role now as Portfolio Director is a perfect blend of my
previous roles.” As Portfolio Director, Alex oversees the operations, as well as
term and hourly trading, at the East RTC. His team of approximately 15 employees are responsible for short-term hedging, trading, and operations for
ACES’ Members and Customers in PJM and the Southeast Markets.

Alex spent most of his life in the Midwest and the move to North Carolina
has been an adjustment for him and his family; however, they do enjoy being
close to the beach and the mountains. “My wife and I have three kids, so it’s
really nice having so many vacation spots within a short drive. We’ve already
visited five different beaches in the short time we’ve been here!” says Alex.
“My family and I have really enjoyed exploring all that North Carolina has to offer. We’re looking forward to visiting the mountains again in the fall. When all the leaves change colors, it’s incredible,” he adds. 

It’s clear that family is important to Alex. He recently began participating in a program through the YMCA called Y-Guides, which provides opportunities for parents to develop stronger bonds with their children. “My daughter and I just attended a three-day spring outing at Camp Kanata through Y-Guides with our Tribe of other Dads and Daughters. It was great having one-on-one time with my daughter and we both really enjoyed all the activities at the camp. Honestly, it was one of the highlights of my life as a father,” says Alex, “it’s something that I will continue to do with each of my children,” he adds.

Alex says there are times when he misses Indiana. As a Purdue graduate and avid fan of the school’s basketball and football teams, Alex misses attending games. “Even though I’m in North Carolina, I still watch every Purdue game and travel occasionally to attend games throughout the season,” he assures. Alex also misses some of his long-time co-workers and friends at ACES’  headquarters, but makes an effort to keep in touch and help build stronger communications between staff at each of ACES’ locations. “I can’t stress how important it is for employees to talk to each other and take every opportunity to learn as much as they can about all areas of ACES’ business. Understanding how the pieces fit and knowing who to go to with questions on certain topics has been critical to my success at ACES, and will undoubtedly be beneficial for any ACES employee,” says Alex.

Alex says that he hopes his new role will allow him to leave his mark on the East RTC and ACES as a whole. With his passion for the company and desire for excellence, it’s clear that he’s already played a significant role in driving
the company’s success and will continue to do so going forward.