Toni Ledford

Senior Lead Accountant

June 2023

Toni Ledford, a dedicated and experienced Senior Lead Accountant at ACES, has been an integral part of the company since its early days. With a strong background in settlements and accounting, Toni has played a crucial role in managing accounts payable, processing invoices, reviewing employee expenses, and handling payroll. Her day-to-day responsibilities also include banking responsibilities, ensuring smooth accounting operations.

Having worked at Wabash Valley Power Alliance for 15 years prior to joining ACES, Toni seamlessly transitioned into her current role when the company started. Alongside David Claspell and Karen Pierson, she formed the initial accounting department at ACES, which has grown significantly over the years. Toni’s experience and expertise have been instrumental in establishing a strong foundation for the company’s financial operations.

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Toni has dedicated her career to the electric cooperative industry. Her passion for accounting and the fulfilling relationships she has built with colleagues have been driving forces in her long-standing commitment to ACES. Toni appreciates the variety that her role offers, allowing her to handle different tasks and stay engaged. She takes pride in her ability to manage her workload independently while maintaining a steady flow of work.

Like any job, there are challenges. However, these obstacles do not dampen her enthusiasm for her work. She remains focused on finding solutions and ensuring smooth functioning of the accounting processes.

Outside work, Toni finds joy in her expanding family, and in her free time she also enjoys reading, participating in church activities, and visiting her daughter and grandkids in Richmond, Indiana. With eight grandchildren and another on the way, she eagerly supports their baseball and softball endeavors. Witnessing their growth and involvement in school activities brings her immense happiness. Despite her grandchildren being in Richmond, which is a reasonable distance from Indianapolis, Toni values the time she spends with them and cherishes their shared experiences.

Toni also has a passion for sports. She particularly relishes the opportunity to engage in activities such as biking, hiking, and playing pickleball. Pickleball, a popular sport resembling tennis, has become a favorite pastime for Toni, providing an opportunity for friendly competition and exercise. Toni’s love for sports extends beyond playing. Toni went on a baseball stadium tour last year with her daughter and son-in-law, who are aiming to visit every major league baseball stadium in the United States. From Arizona to Pennsylvania, they covered a significant portion of their list. Toni’s family-oriented approach to vacations allows them to blend their shared love for sports with travel, making every trip memorable.

Toni’s unwavering dedication, love for her job, and ability to find a balance between work and personal interests make her an invaluable member of the ACES team. Her positive attitude, coupled with her commitment to delivering exceptional results, sets a great example for her colleagues. As Toni continues her journey at ACES, she remains a beacon of reliability, ensuring that the company’s financial operations run seamlessly.