Ryan Johnson

Manager of Market Affairs

June 2021

In 2007, Ryan Johnson (RJ) was working for a company designing and distributed pumping equipment for municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities. He had an engineering and industrial equipment sales background and the idea of buying and selling power piqued his interest. “I was friends with a few people that worked at ACES and was really intrigued by what they were doing. I eventually decided to apply,” recalls RJ. In October 2007, he left his career of 13 years and joined ACES on the East
Desk as an Hourly Trader.

RJ spent several years trading, and was eventually promoted to Day- Ahead Trader. In 2016, RJ was offered the position of Manager of Market Affairs in ACES’ Regulatory and Reliability group, first providing regulatory coverage for Members and Customers in CAISO, and now for Members and
Customers in SPP. “I was intrigued by the opportunity, as it allowed me to apply everything I had learned as a trader and NERC-certified operator in a new role,” says RJ.

Given the ever-changing nature of the industry, RJ helps ACES’ Members and Customers understand various market changes and advocate for changes that align with the interests of their business and those they serve. RJ also works closely with ACES’ commercial operations teams to keep them informed of rule changes, how new rules apply to specific Members and Customers, and how strategies may need to change to comply with various rules and procedures.

“Having spent several years as a Trader at ACES has helped me tremendously in the Regulatory and Reliability department,” says RJ. “Understanding what information is going to be relevant to different groups and how it will impact processes or the economics of certain strategies has made transitioning to this role easier than it may have been otherwise,” he adds.

When he’s not working or serving as an Uber driver and fan for his 12-year old son’s sporting events, RJ enjoys building hot rods and working on cars. “A little over 10 years ago, I bought a 1966 Ford F100 in pieces and put it together with my dad. We’ve done something similar with a few other vehicles and both really enjoy it,” says RJ. In addition to working on cars, RJ also loves the outdoors and enjoys going on hunting and fishing trips with his family and friends.

RJ’s motto in life is to never settle. “Do the things that scare you and make you uncomfortable. Those are the things that will allow you to grow both personally and professionally,” says RJ. “I came to ACES with no energy background and no experience, but there’s always been someone who would offer to help when I had questions. There’s always more to learn, but anyone who puts in the work and makes an effort to build relationships can be successful at ACES,” says RJ.
“I encourage everyone to figure out what they love doing and seek out the people doing those things. No matter your interests, there’s something for everyone at ACES, and there are endless opportunities and challenges to pursue,” he adds.

RJ’s eagerness to seek new challenges and his desire to grow are just a few of the traits that make him a great fit for ACES.