Cris Miller

Cris Miller – Senior Administrative Assistant

June 2022

Like many others, Cris Miller’s path to ACES is full of twists and turns. She’s had experience as a veterinarian technician, a data specialist, in accounting, and even as a correctional officer for Indiana Department of Corrections. “I met my husband in prison – fortunately, neither of us were inmates!”
she jokes. “While it was an interesting job, working in a prison was not a long-term career goal for me. I decided to go to night school and earned degrees in accounting and business administration. It was my ticket out of prison!” she says. In 2013, Cris was looking for a career change and was placed at ACES through a temp agency. After a few months, she was hired as a full-time Administrative Assistant. 

Now, as Senior Administrative Assistant, Cris notes that her duties are varied and unlike any others at ACES. “I don’t trade or do in-depth analyses like most departments. Rather, I support employees across all our offices by ensuring they have coffee and office supplies, that the buildings are adequately maintained, that purchases are made timely and appropriately, and that all the little things that most people probably don’t realize are necessary to keep our operations running are taken care of,” Cris explains. “The wide variety of responsibilities keeps my job interesting. No two days are ever the same. I get to interact with nearly every employee at ACES, get to hear a wide variety of perspectives, and do what I can to support them,” she adds. Cris recently pursued a job sharing opportunity with Corporate Security, assisting with enhancing the overall physical security of ACES’ facilities.

When she’s not running around the office, Cris is usually still running and competing in long distance races and triathlons. “Almost 10 years ago, I was talked into running a half-marathon and got addicted to running,” she explains. “I did several half-marathons, then moved up to marathons, and eventually 40+ mile ultra-marathons,” she adds. While competing in ultra-marathons, Cris began talking to people that competed in triathlons/Ironman competitions, which consist of a 2.4- mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26.2-mile run, consecutively, and decided she was up for the challenge. To date, Cris has completed four full distance Ironman races, with the most recent being this past April in The Woodlands, Texas. She has also competed in several short distance triathlons. “The most difficult part of these races is entirely mental. It’s learning to balance work and life with a more than 14-hour training week. It’s waking up at 4:00 a.m. every day to swim. It’s convincing yourself you can finish a race when it’s near freezing, raining, and windy,” Cris explains. 

While Cris’ free time continues to dwindle, she does manage to spend time with her eight grandkids, as well as go on motorcycle trips, camping trips, to NASCAR races, and to concerts with her husband, Lloyd. 

Cris says she is grateful for all the opportunities ACES provides her and appreciates that if she has questions or concerns there is always someone available to help or listen to what she has to say. “The Administrative Team is always available to help ACES’ employees and it’s nice knowing that others are here for us, as well,” she says.

Cris’ dedication and refusal to give up when things are difficult are just a few of the traits that make her a great ACES’ employee.