Joe Rawlins

Manager of Portfolio Valuation

June 2020

In 2008, Joe Rawlins had recently graduated from Purdue’s Krannert School of Management with a degree in marketing and finance and found a position at ACES through a temp agency. Later that year, Joe was offered a full-time position as Junior Risk Analyst. He has remained in the same group for 12 years, working his way up to his current role of Manager of Portfolio Valuation. “When I found the position through the temp agency, I didn’t know anything about ACES or that a company like ACES even existed,” says Joe. “I had to learn a lot of new things quickly, but ACES provides great training for those that are new to the company and the industry. It’s not an easy company or industry to understand right away, but I was able to learn and adapt quickly with the opportunities ACES provides new employees,” he adds.

Joe’s primary responsibilities in the Portfolio Valuation team include developing forward curves and creating daily Mark-to-Market reports for Members and Customers. Each day, Joe and his team mark more than 3,000 trades and develop around 400 forward curves that are used by ACES’ Members, Customers, and staff. The Mark-to-Market and forward curve reports are then used to make key decisions and recommendations, so it is critical to ensure that these reports are created in a timely fashion and the best possible data is used. “It’s a pretty significant task. We have to ensure we have efficient processes in place in order to deliver these reports to our Members and Customers in a timely fashion each day.” says Joe.

When Joe is not at work, he loves being outdoors either golfing, cycling, hiking, or white water rafting. “I really enjoy being on the water,” says Joe, “I picked up rafting in college and do my best to plan a few trips with friends each year. We typically find spots in West Virginia or North Carolina. It’s a really great time,” he adds. Joe says he enjoys traveling to places he’s never been before. He and his wife try to pick a few places they have never been and make the trip, but often venture back to their favorite spots in Napa Valley and Sonoma. Joe is also an avid Purdue fan and is a season ticket holder for several of their teams.

When asked what Joe enjoys about ACES and what has kept him here, he responds, “the people.” Joe explains that he really enjoys the people he works with and the Members and Customers he interacts with. “I rely on various departments like Origination, Trading Control, Portfolio Strategy, and Transmission to ensure forward curves align with what is actually occurring in the market, and work with a wide range of Members and Customers to ensure they understand the assumptions in each curve,” Joe explains. “Everyone is committed to helping one another and ultimately keeping costs low for those at the end of the line. I’m really appreciative of being in such a supportive environment and our Members and Customers value the support we provide. It’s all very rewarding,” he adds.

Joe says that if he can give one piece of advice to new employees it would be to ask questions and learn as much as possible. “The energy industry can be challenging if you are new to it, but ACES’ culture promotes learning and individual growth. There’s a lot to learn but a lot of people to help you along the way. Be a sponge and take it all in” Joe says. It is clear that Joe embodies ACES’ culture and is an ideal fit for the company.