Graham Becher

Executive Director of Portfolio Strategy

April 2019

Graham Becher is Executive Director of Portfolio Strategy at ACES. Graham
and the rest of the Portfolio Strategy team provide ACES’ Members and
Customers with mid- to long-term strategic portfolio recommendations.
Graham started his career at ACES in May 2007 as a real-time hourly trader. “I had just completed a finance degree at Ball State and was managing a chain of hardware stores, where I had worked all through high school and college,” Graham recalls, “I knew several people who worked for ACES and they thought I would be a good fit for an open position.” Graham notes that starting a new job anywhere can be tough and laughs recalling his first few weeks at ACES, “At the end of my first rotating shift I caught mononucleosis, and on my first night shift, a co-worker and I were accidentally trapped outside by a dumpster looking for something we thought was thrown out by mistake.”

Since joining ACES, Graham has held a variety of other positions, including Term Trader and Operations Manager. Graham notes that he really enjoyed the operations manager position, particularly having the opportunity to help people grow professionally. “All of my experiences at ACES thus far have translated well into my current role, but there are still plenty of learning opportunities. No two entities are exactly alike and many companies in our industry are radically changing how they do business. I’m fortunate to have access to experts within ACES to assist with developing solutions.”

Outside the office, Graham loves the outdoors and enjoys cycling and hiking. He’s also an avid baseball fan and tries to attend games whenever he has an opportunity. “I’ve attended games at about half the major league ballparks in the U.S.,” says Graham, “Fenway Park in Boston is by far my favorite. Boston as a whole is just such a neat place. There’s so much history to explore.” Graham enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife and daughter. “My wife and I found out we were going to be parents a little over two years ago, right before we caught an early morning flight for a vacation in Mexico. It turned out to be a very different vacation than what we had planned,” Graham recalls. “Having a daughter has given me a whole new perspective on life. It’s been so much fun watching her grow over the past two years and develop a personality,” he adds. 

Talking with Graham, it becomes clear that he cares deeply about people and helping them succeed. “I’m always open to talk with anyone and answer any questions. I’ve been successful in my career, but I’ve had a lot of help along the way. We all can learn a lot from one another,” he says. Graham’s commitment to helping others grow is just one way in which he contributes to ACES’ success.