Gail Mooney

Lead Settlements Analyst

September 2021

Being one of 10 children from a blended family, Gail Mooney did not grow up with college on her radar. However, after being introduced to the University of Minnesota’s head volleyball coach and offered a scholarship to play for the team, Gail’s plans changed. After graduating with a degree from the College of Home Economics, Gail started her career in the energy industry with Northern States Power (NSP) as a floating administrative assistant, where she worked with five of the company’s departments. This
position served as a great introduction to the energy industry before Gail later joined ACES’ Settlements department, where she is currently a Lead Settlements Analyst.

Gail worked for several other companies after NSP before joining ACES’ Settlements group in 2009. Gail works at ACES’ North Regional Trading Center (RTC) and is currently the only member of the MISO settlements group outside ACES’ Midwest RTC. While being in a different office than the rest of her team has challenges, Gail finds tremendous benefit in being located in the same building as Great River Energy, with whom she works closely on settlement matters. Gail was previously an employee of Great River Energy and has developed strong relationships with its staff.

Much of Gail’s work involves validating settlement statements and market invoices for ACES’ Clients in the MISO market, as well as assisting trading and operations with settlement feedback. Gail equates settlements to solving a puzzle and jokes that her best days at work are often when things do not go exactly as they should. She explains, “I get excited when something doesn’t add up the way it’s supposed to! When the numbers from a Member or Customer don’t match the numbers from MISO, I love digging in and figuring out why.” 

Although she loves the puzzle-like problem-solving that comes with being Lead Settlements Analyst, it’s no surprise that Gail also loves having an active lifestyle, which has not changed since her days of being a collegiate athlete. Whether she is taking cardio kickboxing classes, playing pickleball, and spending time on the lake in her pontoon or fishing with her husband in their kayaks, Gail continues to find new hobbies that keep her busy and on the move. Golf originally started as a way for Gail to spend time with her husband and two sons, but she has since joined a women’s league which serves as a way for Gail to have a “girl’s night out” once a week. When she’s not busy trying new things, Gail and her husband love to visit a restaurant that is a local hidden gem and has remained a favorite over their 26 years of living in the Minneapolis area. “There’s a restaurant that sometimes we walk to, sometimes we ride our bikes to, and we go down there and they know us by name… just a mom and pop shop with good home cooking,” she tells.

To new ACES employees, Gail offers this piece of advice: “Get to know people and ask questions. I have met so many great people at this company… you can’t go wrong.” Gail’s desire to solve problems and consistently learn new things are just a few of the traits that make her a great fit for ACES.