Frannie Richert

Director of Portfolio Analytics Frannie Richert is the Director of Portfolio Analytics at ACES in Carmel, Indiana. She joined ACES’ Settlements group in a temporary position in 2012 and was hired into a full-time position in 2013. In late 2013, Frannie joined ACES’ Portfolio Modeling team. Thinking back to when she first started with the […]

Chris Jimenez

Portfolio Director January 2018 Chris Jimenez joined ACES in 2011 as an associate hourly trader at the company’s West Regional Trading Center (RTC) in Benson, Arizona. In January2017, he was promoted to Portfolio Director, with the responsibility of managing the front office trading operations at ACES’ West RTC in Benson, Arizona. Just days before taking on his […]

Julie Knoth

Office Administrator July 2018 It is impossible to understate the value of administrative staff in any organization. They are the go-to group for resolving many issues, organizing meetings, and taking care of a wide-range of day-to-day employee needs. Safe to say, many of us would be lost without them. Julie Knoth – ACES’ Office Administrator – […]

Victoria Pierson

Lead Settlements Analyst September 2018 Victoria Pierson joined ACES in 2014 as a Settlements Analyst. “I was working and living in Chicago, but looking for a change,” Victoria recalls, “I grew up near Chicago and love the city, but I found the pace of a smaller city like Indianapolis to be more attractive.” When contemplating moving, a former employee recommended Victoria […]

Jeff Hume

Executive Director of Business Development October 2018 Jeff Hume began working at ACES in October 1999 and has played a critical role in the company’s growth and success over the years. Jeff is currently the Executive Director of Business Development at ACES’ headquarters in Carmel, Indiana. Jeff became interested in the energy industry while studying electrical engineering at […]

Howard Wong

Director of Risk Management December 2018 Howard Wong has a unique role within ACES. While he is an ACES’employee, his time is entirely dedicated to one ACES Customer, GlendaleWater and Power (GWP). Nearly all ACES employees are actively engagedwith multiple Members and Customers, but GWP requested an individualdedicated entirely to managing its energy risk. Rather […]