Portfolio Performance Reporting

ACES’ Portfolio Performance Reporting (PPR) service provides profit and loss (P&L) reporting by using business analytics to identify short-term trends and improve our Clients’ portfolio performance. PPR is a service designed to do more than simply report data in a user-friendly manner. ACES’ experienced team will analyze data on a near real-time basis and provide […]


Several years ago, only a handful of states implemented Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS).  Today, more than 30 states have implemented RPS and Renewable Energy Services are an increasingly vital aspect of ACES’ service offerings.  Meeting these renewable standards requires a stratified approach. To help Clients respond to these new challenges, ACES implemented several services including […]

Contract Administration

The strength of a business transaction is ultimately only as good as the strength of its underlying contract.  ACES’ Contract Administration Services are a key element in managing business risks and opportunities in competitive and volatile wholesale energy markets.  Beyond managing over 2400 agreements,  ACES assists Clients in a multitude of areas including: Negotiating provisions […]


Credit Risk is the potential that a counterparty will fail to meet its obligations in accordance with agreed terms.  Since exposure to credit risk continues to be the leading source of problems for companies, ACES provides its Clients with a keen awareness of the need to identify, measure, monitor, and control credit risk.  In addition, […]

Trading Control

The purpose of Trading Control is to ensure that a sound and disciplined control environment is maintained associated with the transaction execution function.  Trading Control personnel are located at each of ACES’ Regional Trading Centers and at ACES’ national headquarters.  Trading Control is responsible for ensuring all executed transactions are captured in ACES’ risk management systems […]


Education can be key in overcoming barriers in the energy industry.  ACES provides a broad suite of training on subjects such as risk management, NERC standards, and various market topics. Dozens of courses can be accessed through ACES Learning Management System from any location with an internet connection. Alternatively, courses may be customized to fit […]


The substantial and constantly changing regulations surrounding the energy industry (especially the power industry) tend to have significant commercial impacts. ACES’ Regulatory Services Team focuses on the activities in organized energy markets (RTOs), as well as on the mandatory reliability standards enforced by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). Services provided by the team include: […]


The United States generation fleet is highly dependent on natural gas, and is expected to become more dependent as the demand for power grows and building new coal-fired generation becomes increasingly difficult. ACES is particularly adept at meeting the needs of those who own gas-fired generation, and can actively manage your natural gas assets. ACES […]


Managing transmission congestion risk in the constantly evolving energy market is a challenging undertaking, one that is difficult to manage without the proper expertise. The ACES Transmission Group, made up of a diverse mix of seasoned analysts with various educational and professional backgrounds in engineering, finance and economics, can help manage that congestion risk and […]