Contract Administration

The strength of a business transaction is ultimately only as good as the strength of its underlying contract.  ACES’ Contract Administration Services are a key element in managing business risks and opportunities in competitive and volatile wholesale energy markets.  Beyond managing over 3,500 agreements,  ACES assists Clients in a multitude of areas including:

  • Negotiating provisions in several types of contracts (e.g. EEI, ISDA, NAESB, Renewable, and Emission standard agreements)
  • Coordinating with ACES’ Credit Department on credit provisions
  • Implementing contractual controls
  • Ensuring contracts are in place to facilitate on-going trading activities
  • Ensuring that existing contracts contain up-to-date credit provisions and adequate contractual provisions to minimize unreasonable business risks

The breadth of experience the ACES Contracts staff possesses, allows Clients to enjoy comprehensive services from contract negotiations through to custom reporting.