The United States generation fleet is highly dependent on natural gas, and is expected to become more dependent as the demand for power grows and building new coal-fired generation becomes increasingly difficult.

ACES is particularly adept at meeting the needs of those who own gas-fired generation, and can actively manage your natural gas assets. ACES can assist with the entire process, from natural gas generation plant development, transportation, and storage agreements, to the execution, transportation, and balancing of natural gas supply.

In addition to ACES providing short-term optimization of natural gas assets, we also provide risk management solutions that offer long-term supply certainty for otherwise uncertain fuel prices. We do this through the development of long-term natural gas supply plans and hedge strategies.

While natural gas continues to fuel a larger portion of the overall U.S. generation fleet, coal-fired power plants continue to demand a large share of overall generation.  ACES has the expertise to provide coal market intelligence, coal supply and transportation strategy development, and coal supply and rail contract negotiations.  In addition, ACES provides risk management and hedging services for fuel oil exposure found in many rail and coal contracts that fluctuate with the price of crude oil.    

ACES can assist with the development of fuel hedging strategies and coordinate implementation of the required tools to hedge. This includes ISDA agreements and NYMEX accounts, and the execution and management of financial fuel transactions, both in the over-the-counter market and on the exchange.

In a world where the fuel mix for power generation is changing, uncertainty in fuel supplies and prices must be managed. ACES provides the expertise to manage these risks.