Managing transmission congestion risk in the constantly evolving energy market is a challenging undertaking, one that is difficult to manage without the proper expertise. The ACES Transmission Group, made up of a diverse mix of seasoned analysts with various educational and professional backgrounds in engineering, finance and economics, can help manage that congestion risk and forecast energy and basis pricing across the U.S.

The Transmission Group provides execution services for financial transmission products for each of the structured power markets (ISO/RTOs) in the U.S. They also analyze physical transmission portfolios in traditional markets, as well as conduct generation siting studies, evaluate new transmission build, and forecast the impact of renewable energy development. Using a complex economic power flow model, the group forecasts long-term basis and congestion pricing for delivery locations throughout the U.S.

The analytical work done by the Transmission Group helps to hedge power basis and delivery risk and directly complements  the power and fuel hedging done by the ACES Trading Team.