RFP Documents

Evaluation Form for Energy-Only Blocks

Evaluation Form for Energy-Only, Fixed Load Shape Schedules

South Plains Electric Cooperative RFP Schedule

RFP Issued 

November 17, 2022 

Proposal Submission Deadline (4:00 PM CPT) 

December 7, 2022 

Notification of Results 


Execution of Power Supply Agreements (No Later Than) 

February 28, 2023

Questions and Responses

Responses to all relevant questions submitted to
SouthPlains2022RFP@acespower.com will be provided below.

Relevant questions and responses related to the 2022 South Plains Electric Cooperative RFP will be posted on this page. 

Yes, as long as they are relevant to the RFP.

Responses to questions will be provided as soon as practical. Response times will vary depending upon the complexity of the question.

Financial statements are located under the confidential section of the website, the password will be provided as requested. 

The only products being considered are energy blocks and energy-only fixed load shape. 

The load forecast data will be in the form of the fixed load shape.  This shape will be located under the password-protected section of the website.  The password will be provided as requested. 

It is expected the transactions will be executed under an EEI. A draft of the EEI will be provided in the confidential section on the RFP website.

To be determined during the contract negotiation process.

To be determined during the contract negotiation process.

Preferred payment terms will be part of the master enabling agreement.

Any proposals submitted at a different location will be evaluated as non-conforming.

The energy products in this RFP will be contracted via EEI enabling agreements.