ACES has notified firms via email. We appreciated the robust responses that made selection difficult. Thank you.

RFP Documents

NERC Reliability Standards Audit Workbook and Evidence Review, Mock Audit

September 1 Virtual Meeting Link

Pre-Bid Meeting Presentation




August 22, 2023 

Request for proposals electronically issued 

August 28, 2023 

Firms give notice of intent to respond to RFP 

September 1, 2023 

Virtual meeting of prospective firms to ask questions on the RFP 

September 8, 2023 

Deadline for ACES to receive proposals 

September 22, 2023 

ACES selects and notifies firm 

October 2, 2023 

ACES provides audit materials to firm 

November 27-30, 2023 

Firm conducts NERC Mock Audit at ACES in Carmel, IN 

September 1, 2023
Virtual Meeting
Questions and Responses

Individual Vendor Meetings will not be utilized.

Not applicable since Individual Vendor Meetings will not be utilized.

It will not be for individual plants; the GOP function is holistically within the ACES’ compliance program so any info/evidence that we would need from the generating facilities ACES will gather that evidence and provide within the evidence packet.

Yes, ACES will provide representative evidence to make sure that we cover all of those that are applicable to the different ACES clients. For instance, anything with BALTRE will be associated just with the Golden Spread assets.


RSAW-making sure all the evidence is there. For Mock Audit-looking for how well ACES is prepared at presenting the information. Right now, we are requesting the report from the bidder to be in draft form, we may ask for a final.

For Buckeye there is Cardinal and Mone (5 total units). For GSEC, there is Elk, Golden Spread Panhandle Wind Ranch, and Mustang (13 total units).

Yes, we would like to know the initial observations from the offsite evidence review and on-site interviews.