Melissa Fischer

Vice President of Risk Management Services

Melissa Fischer is Vice President of Risk Management Services at ACES in Carmel, Indiana. Melissa joined ACES in November 1998. In her current role, Melissa oversees various risk management services provided to ACES’ Members and Customers, including: 

  • Trading Control Services, which include verifying transactions are captured in ACES’ risk management systems timely and accurately, monitoring trading activity for compliance with ACES’ and its Members’ and Customers’ trading authority policies, monitoring Member and Customer portfolios for compliance with their hedging policies, transaction reporting, and Dodd Frank recordkeeping
  • Portfolio Valuation Services, which include development and reporting of forward commodity curves and mark-to-market valuations
  • Risk Services, which include various risk management services such as risk management policy development, risk management assessments, risk management gap analyses, risk management audits, risk management training, and ongoing risk management implementation support, including on-site energy risk management support

Melissa plans, organizes, and hosts ACES’ annual Risk Managers Forum and also hosts quarterly Risk Managers Working Group meetings for the risk management personnel of ACES’ Members.  She also serves on the internal risk management committee of one of ACES’ Members.

In addition to overseeing certain risk management services provided to ACES’ Members and Customers, Melissa also runs ACES’ internal risk management committee and oversees ACES’ internal enterprise risk management program.

Melissa is a CPA and holds a Bachelors of Business Administration degree from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana.

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