Leah Smith

Vice President of External Affairs

Leah Smith is Vice President of External Affairs at ACES in Carmel, Indiana. Leah joined ACES in March 2000 as an Administrative Assistant supporting the marketing team.

From 2005 to 2010, Leah worked in ACES’ Accounting department as a Staff Accountant, during which time she gained a lot of valuable information about the company and its operations. Leah then transitioned to Administration and Procurement, leading that team until 2013.

Leah joined the newly-formed External Affairs team in 2013, and took over leadership of the department shortly thereafter. The External Affairs department performs a number of functions, including ensuring the Company’s work product distributed to our Members and Customers is high quality and professional, maintaining ACES’ public website and social media accounts, developing ACES’ annual report, developing the company’s newsletters and press releases, among other functions.

Leah also leads ACES’ strategic planning function, facilitation strategic planning sessions with senior management and overseeing the development of the company’s Strategic Plan. Additionally, Leah assists ACES’ Senior Officers with identifying topics and issues to be addressed at the Board of Directors’ quarterly meetings, as well as the Board’s various Committees, and oversees development of all Board and Committee meeting materials.

Prior to joining ACES, Leah supported the marketing team at Coral Energy, a subsidiary of Shell, in Houston, Texas.

Leah has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Indiana Institute of Technology.

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