Jeffrey L. Walker

Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer

Mr. Walker leads the Middle Office function at ACES.  The Middle Office has a primary focus on tracking and mitigating risk, as well as risk reporting, and risk management training and consulting.  Mr. Walker’s responsibilities include oversight of all Trading Control, Credit Services, Contract Administration, Regulatory, and Corporate Development functions.

Mr. Walker has been in the energy industry throughout his career with experience in the areas of risk management, trading control, credit, contract administration, finance, power supply planning, financial planning, and accounting.  As a CPA, Mr. Walker served as Controller and then Planning & Finance Manager for one of the nation’s largest cooperative power suppliers.

Mr. Walker joined ACES in February of 1999, and led the design and development of its risk management capabilities to address the wide range of risks facing today’s energy suppliers.

In addition to being a CPA, Mr. Walker holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Indiana University.  Mr. Walker was a member of the Committee of Chief Risk Officers (CCRO), representing ACES from mid-2002 to March 2009, and served as a Director on the CCRO’s Board from October 2003 to March 2009.

Mr. Walker’s years of energy supply experience, combined with his expertise in finance and risk control, give him a unique perspective on the risk management needs of energy suppliers.

“Because there are so many inherent risks in an energy supply portfolio, and because market conditions can change so quickly, Energy Risk Management is a never-ending process. It’s like the advice you give a batter at the plate – never take your eye off the ball.”

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