RFP Documents

Hallador 2023 MISO Energy and Capacity Request for Bid Proposals

Appendix A-1

Evaluation Form for Energy-Only Blocks

Appendix A-2

Power Purchase Agreement Form for MISO Zonal Resource Credits (ZRCs)

Hallador Energy RFP Schedule

RFP is Issued


Q&A on Substantive RFP Issues

1/30/2023 – 2/22/2023

Proposals Deadline at 5:00 p.m. EPT


Bid Screening and Analysis Period

2/22/2023 – 3/29/2023

Notification of RFP Short List


Submission of Best and Final Bids


Final Bid Analysis Period

4/18/2023 – 5/09/2023

Notification to Bidders of Award(s)


Contract and Credit Negotiation

Q2-Q3 2023

Questions and Responses

Responses to all relevant questions submitted to
Hallador2023RFP@acespower.com will be provided below.

Relevant questions and responses related to the 2023 Hallador RFP will be posted on this page. 

Yes, as long as they are relevant to the RFP.

Responses to questions will be provided as soon as practical. Response times will vary depending upon the complexity of the question.

Hallador Energy Company

When final pricing, terms, and volumes will be firmed up can be negotiated during the contract negotiations.

Hallador will accept bid curves for the energy and capacity products.

Hallador will evaluate both physical and financial power proposals.

Yes, one can bid on energy and/or capacity.

Credit support will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Depending on the product, a long form contract will be completed in conjunction with an ISDA or EEI.