Central 2020 RFP Documents

Central 2020 RFP

Confidentiality Agreement

Respondent Registration and Contact Information

Central 2020 RFP Schedule

RFP Issued

September 11, 2020

Notice of Intent to Bid Deadline

October 2, 2020

Final Question Submittal Due

October 16, 2020

Final Proposals Due Date

December 11, 2020

Targeted Respondent Selection Date

Q2 2021

Questions and Responses

Responses to all relevant questions submitted to Central2020RFP@acespower.com will be provided below

Relevant questions and responses related to the 2020 Central RFP will be posted on this page. 

Yes, so long as they are relevant to the RFP.

Responses to questions will be provided as soon as practical. Response times will vary depending upon the complexity of the question.

No, submitting a Notice of Intent does not obligate your company to submit an offer. However, a Notice of Intent is required to be able to submit an offer on behalf of your organization for this RFP. 

The 25 MW minimum requirement for a solar generated facility shall be based on 25 MW AC capacity (output onto the grid).

The interconnection process is the responsibility of the Respondent, which may include but may not be limited to, distribution interconnection charges, ongoing service and O&M fees for energy sunk at a Member’s distribution station, and for all back flow of energy, distribution wheeling charges and in some cases Central Electric Power Cooperative transmission wheeling charges. To the extent that the Respondent is able to deliver to the DEC transmission system is an acceptable RFP response.

To clarify, Central is seeking contract terms for 5 years or up to 25 years beginning no sooner than January 1, 2029. Contract terms may begin any time after January 1, 2029.

For purposes of this RFP, Central is utilizing a standard Confidentiality Agreement (CA) among all Respondents. The CA utilized in this RFP has been vetted and approved by Central’s Legal team.

Yes, Central will consider unit contingent solar offers sited in, or delivered to, the DEC transmission system.

Please refer to Section 1.2.2 of the RFP which states, “Shortlisted Respondents with a fully executed Confidentiality Agreement from this RFP will be provided historical hourly load data.”