Central Electric Power Cooperative Becomes ACES’ 22nd Member

May 3, 2024

Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. (Central) of South Carolina will become the 22nd Member of ACES, effective January 1, 2017. Initially, Central began taking load management services as a customer of ACES in 2014 and will continue receiving a variety of energy risk management services from ACES going forward.

“Central Electric provides generation and transmission services to all 20 electric distribution cooperatives in South Carolina, and from a load perspective, is one of the largest G&T cooperatives in the country. ACES currently provides multiple services to Central Electric, including load management coverage on weekends and during off-hours. ACES also assists Central Electric’s staff hedge our fuel cost and provides IT support. ACES has consistently proven to be a good value for Central Electric’s members and there are several significant benefits to being a member. ACES has become a great resource for G&T cooperatives and, through its membership, Central Electric will have access to the knowledge and experience of G&Ts across the country. ACES is recognized as a leader in wholesale energy risk management, and Central Electric will utilize their expertise to better manage its fuel cost to its Member Cooperatives,” stated Rob Hochstetler, President and CEO of Central.

President and CEO of ACES, Mike Steffes, added, “ACES has developed a strong relationship with Central’s staff over the past few years and we look forward to continuing to support them in the future. Central has a strong commitment to serve its members and build on its successes. We share that commitment and know we will be stronger with Central as a Member of ACES. ACES and its Board of Directors are happy to welcome Central as our newest Member.”

About ACES

ACES will now be owned by twenty-one generation and transmission cooperatives and one independent distribution cooperative. The company assists its Members and Customers in the management of their energy risk. The Members and Customers served by ACES operate in all of the major electricity markets in the United States and have a collective portfolio of over 50,000 MW of both load and resources. Because ACES does not buy or sell energy on its own behalf, it avoids conflicts of interest and ensures alignment with the best interests of the organizations it serves.

About Central

Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. (Central) was incorporated and organized in 1948, with headquarters located in Columbia, South Carolina. Central provides total wholesale electric service to all of South Carolina’s 20 retail electric cooperatives who serve over 700,000 accounts across all 46 counties in the state. Central’s Member Cooperatives constitute the only truly statewide electric system in South Carolina and serve customers through a network totaling more than 70,000 miles of distribution line.

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