ACES Registers as a Generation Operator

ACES announced today that it has registered with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) as a Generation Operator (GOP) for one of its member-owner’s (Member) generation assets, and will be under the compliance oversight of the ReliabilityFirst (RF) Regional Reliability Organization (RRO).

In 2018, ACES assumed responsibility for the Member’s GOP duties, including communication between PJM and the generation facility, and began complying with the NERC Standards applicable to the GOP role under the Member’s registration. Now, as a registered GOP, ACES is required to be compliant with all applicable NERC Regulations and will have the sole responsibility to demonstrate compliance in all GOP activities.

The change from performing the services under delegated authority under the Member’s registration to becoming a registered GOP was a year-long, cross-functional effort. ACES’ President and CEO, Mike Steffes, commented that “this is an example of the value ACES continues to bring to its Clients by reducing costs and risks related to performing reliable operations in support of the Bulk Electric System.”

ACES anticipates expanding its GOP registration into other RROs in response to requests from other Clients interested in taking GOP services from ACES.

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