ACES’ Generation Operations Services Go Live

On December 4, 2018, ACES began generation operations (GOP) services for Buckeye Power, Inc. (Buckeye Power). ACES built state-of-the-art GOP facilities capable of serving Buckeye Power’s needs around the clock, and will be able to provide the service on a broad scale. As part of this service, ACES’ GOP centers are equipped with robust physical security and cyber security controls, as required by the NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) reliability standards. Meeting the project objectives involved staff from across the company throughout the project timeline.

“Buckeye Power was a founding Member of ACES in 1999, and our organizations have worked together closely since that time. Buckeye Power uses ACES’ services extensively, and when the need arose for GOP services, ACES was the best solution,” said Pat O’Loughlin, President and CEO of Buckeye Power. “Buckeye Power and ACES spent more than two years developing GOP services, including refinements to operations, IT, compliance, and training. Our partnership with ACES allows Buckeye Power to manage our generation fleet in an economic, secure, and reliable manner, and we are pleased to expand that partnership.”

ACES President and CEO, Mike Steffes, added, “We have helped managed our Members’ and Customers’ participation in the energy markets for almost two decades. Our technological tools and staff expertise are well established in the ISO/RTO markets. Generation dispatch services are a natural fit and a logical evolution for ACES, and provide another option for our Members and Customers to achieve economies of scale and manage risk in their mission to provide safe, reliable, and affordable power.”

ACES intends to extend this service to other Members and Customers in 2019.

About ACES
ACES transacts more than 6 billion dollars annually on behalf of its Members and Customers, who operate in nearly every wholesale electric market region of the U.S. and have a collective portfolio of approximately 50,000 MW of load and 50,000 MW of generation. Providing services “as agent,” ACES represents its Members and Customers in the marketplace, working to manage energy risk. Because ACES does not buy or sell energy on its own behalf, it avoids conflicts of interest and ensures consistent and complete alignment with the best interests of the organizations it serves.

About Buckeye Power, Inc.
Buckeye Power, Inc. was formed in 1959 and is currently owned by 25 electric distribution cooperatives who collectively serve nearly 400,000 customers in Ohio and Indiana. Buckeye Power owns a diverse portfolio of base load and peaking facilities, outfitted with best-in-class environmental controls. Owned and governed by the cooperatives it serves, Buckeye Power is dedicated to providing its member cooperatives with affordable and responsibly produced power.

Questions for ACES can be directed to Leah Brearley, Managing Director of External Affairs, at (317) 344 -7050 or

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