RFP Documents

1803 Electric Cooperative, Inc. 2023 RFP

Appendix A

Capacity Forecast

Appendix B-1

Evaluation Form for Peaking Designated Generation Resources

Appendix B-2

Evaluation Form for Energy Storage Resources

Appendix B-3

Evaluation Form for Capacity Only Products

Appendix B-4

Evaluation Form for Other Resources

Appendix C

Confidentiality Agreement Form

Appendix E

Desired Contract Terms

Notice of Intent to Provide Proposal

1803 Electric Cooperative, Inc. RFP Schedule 

RFP Schedule (Updates will be posted on the 2023 Long-Term RFP website):

Notice to LPSC


File Informational Filing Containing Draft 2023 Long-Term RFP


Technical and Bidders’ Conference


(9:00 a.m. Central Time)

Bidder Comment and Q&A Period on Draft RFP

6/29/23 – 9/26/23

Deadline for Bidder Comments


LPSC Staff Files Comments


Issue Final Version of 2023 Long-Term RFP


Continuing Q&A on Substantive RFP Issues

10/13/23 – 10/27/23

Open Period for Submission of Notice of Intent

10/13/23 – 10/27/23

Deadline for Submission of Notice of Intent at 5:00 p.m. CPT


Open Period for Submission of Proposals

11/01/23 – 11/09/23

Proposals (Appendices) Deadline at 5:00 p.m. CPT


Bid screening and analysis period begins


Selected Bidders notified (as early as)


Final PPA Execution (subject to LPSC approval) (as early as)


File certificate application(s) with LPSC (as early as)


Questions and Responses

Responses to all relevant questions submitted will be provided below.

Relevant questions and responses related to the 1803 Electric Cooperative, Inc. 2023 RFP for Long-Term Capacity and Energy Resources will be posted on this page. 

Yes, as long as they are relevant to the RFP.

Responses to questions will be provided as soon as practical. Response times will vary depending upon the complexity of the question.