Will Reilly

Manager of Portfolio Modeling

March 2020

In 2014, Will Reilly was working for a financial services company in Indianapolis, Indiana when he came across a job listing for a Quantitative Analyst position at ACES. “I graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology with a BS in Applied Mathematics and Optical Engineering, with a minor in economics. I became a certified actuary, but wanted an opportunity to use more of my applied mathematics skills,” Will recalls. He states he was surprised to see a quantitative analyst opportunity in Indianapolis, and assumed these types of jobs would only be available in larger cities like Chicago and New York. “The energy industry was completely new to me, but I was very excited to perform work related to risk management, modeling, and analysis,” he adds. Will applied for the Quantitative Analyst position at ACES, and was hired in September 2014.

“The primary function of ACES’ Portfolio Modeling team is to help our Members and Customers analyze the complexities of the energy market,” Will explains. The Portfolio Modeling team runs various models and performs analyses to anticipate changes in power and fuel prices from one month to five years out, and how those fluctuations will impact ACES’ Members’ and Customers’ portfolios. “Operating in energy markets has significant risks. By measuring and understanding those risks, we can help our Members and Customers better understand their exposure. This information can be used to find solutions to mitigate their risks,” Will adds.

Will comments that he appreciates the level of collaboration that occurs at ACES. “While everyone on the Portfolio Modeling team is responsible for specific portfolios, we are all doing similar analyses. We share ideas and build tools to support each other,” says Will. He also mentions that collaboration extends to other departments, as well. “The work we do in Portfolio Modeling supports the work being performed in other departments, and we rely heavily on other departments to ensure the quality of our models. For example, Transmission provides locational basis pricing, the valuation group provides forward curves, IT helps ensure our models run efficiently, and the power and natural gas groups provide market updates and ensure our models are representative of what is actually occurring in the market. Each department is a valuable source of information and plays a role in the quality of our Portfolio Modeling service,” he adds.  

Will was recently promoted to Manager of Portfolio Modeling, a testament to his hard work and dedication. Will also recently obtained an MBA from Duke University.

Will puts his engineering and mathematics skills to use outside the office, as well, and is heavily involved in the Westfield High School Robotics team. “The robotics team is officially active from January through April, but we still meet at least once a week the remainder of the year. People may not realize how much work actually goes into a robotics team. The kids have to put together a business plan to raise around $50,000 each year. It requires branding, a media team, web design, community outreach, and fundraising, in addition to the engineering and mechanical components that go into building the actual robot,” says Will. “My wife encouraged me to get involved with the robotics team, and I’m glad she did. Mentoring the kids on the team is incredibly rewarding,” he adds. 

When asked what advice he has for new ACES employees, Will says he encourages everyone to find their passion and develop a personal strategy to be the best they can be at what they already enjoy doing. “It’s important to acknowledge and utilize the resources available to ACES employees. If there’s something you want to get better at, there are people here willing to help you,” says Will. “At the same time it is critical to put in the work and be responsive. Make people aware of your skills and interests and let them know they can depend on you if something needs to get done,” he adds. It’s clear that Will has found his passion in engineering and mathematics. He continually searches for ways not only to improve his own work, but to help others, as well. These traits make Will an ideal fit for ACES.