Lara de Juan-Romero, Senior Contract Analyst

Employee Spotlight


When Lara joined ACES two years ago, she was looking for a long-term fit. Making a career move while she was six months pregnant may have been a bold move, but she loves working at ACES as a senior contract analyst.

Lara says ACES has a good mix of high-level professionals and entry-level young professionals. “It’s a refreshing place to work. We work hard, and my coworkers are qualified, bright people,” Lara says. “There is no micromanagement; we have the ability to work on our own. Since my brain is hungry, there is always something new to learn.”

Lara works with a team of five people, including her director. The team is constantly communicating back and forth when negotiating major contracts between customers and third parties. Just promoted this year, Lara says ACES values its employees and provides them with great benefits and a fun culture.

Lara’s work philosophy is simple: strive for excellence, learn from mistakes, and learn something new every day.

Growing up in Madrid, she moved to Washington State with her family when she was eight. After her brother was born, her stepfather, who was in the military, relocated the family to Indiana. Lara eventually moved back to Madrid to study and work on her own for five years before moving back to Indiana.

When she joined ACES, Lara was asked to be a member of the Community Involvement and Employee Recreation Committee, a group that coordinates volunteer opportunities for ACES employees, collects donations for local charities, and plans recreational events for employees.

In her spare time, Lara likes to sing and play the violin. She has appeared in productions of La Casa Azul (a musical honoring the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo) and has also performed at the Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis, Ind. She also likes dancing, watching scary movies and different types of cuisine.

“I started working at ACES when I was six months pregnant. People soon became familiar with my obsession with food and the fact that I ate two full lunches and many snacks throughout the work day. This has led to my reputation as a big eater, and therefore, people are always bringing leftovers and unwanted treats to my desk. I should note that I no longer eat two full lunches, but I still enjoy food donations,” Lara adds.