Jason Painter, Vice President of Portfolio Strategy

Employee Spotlight


By traveling the U.S., managing a dedicated and talented staff, and moving up the ladder quickly, Jason Painter is living his dream. Taking advantage of every opportunity and, at times, creating his own opportunities has led Jason on a successful career path.

Jason began his career at ACES in December 2000 as a real-time energy trader after working as a credit analyst for a commercial loan group. With a finance degree, he was hoping to find more freedom and creative opportunities.

In 2003, ACES was expanding rapidly, and Jason took advantage of any chance to learn more about the industry. He had a great summer experience working in ACES’ North Carolina office that ultimately led to a new role – term trading. Even though this position was very challenging at first, after a few years he was ready for a change of pace. In 2005, Jason was promoted to Manager of Transmission Services, where he helped establish the Financial Transmission Group, which now consists of a diverse team of 10. In 2008, he was named Director of Transmission Services.

In 2010, when the ACES CEO wanted to start a Portfolio Strategy Team, Jason was called in to collaborate. When this group launched in 2011, Jason was appointed to the team as an Executive Director. The Portfolio Strategy Team works with senior management and CEOs at ACES’ Clients’ organizations on long-term strategic issues.

Promoted to Vice President of Portfolio Strategy in 2015, Jason currently works with a staff of five Directors. When asked about his rise in the company, Jason says, “Most of it was timing and luck. I was willing to put in extra hours, learn on my own, and I had a different approach to solving problems.” Jason adds, “ACES gives us the freedom and autonomy to do our work both within the company and with Clients.”

Jason has an open-door policy when it comes to his team. He fosters honesty and encourages his team to have a good work ethic. “I encourage them to thoroughly examine issues, keep an open mind when problem solving, and develop mentor/mentee relationships within the organization,” said Jason. “I push my team to always challenge their current way of thinking.”

“I am fortunate to have opportunities to travel all over the U.S. on business. It was exciting to hear directly from the Department of Energy at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory about their research projects and perspective on the future of the industry. In addition, I enjoy visiting our Members all over the country. One of my favorite stops is southern Maryland during crab season,” Jason said.

To overcome his fear of public speaking, Jason chose to join Toastmasters five years ago. The group has helped him become confident in front of a crowd. “Over the course of a couple years, I was able to improve my public speaking skills to the point where I was asked to speak to several hundred guests in a large auditorium at ACES’ Annual Members Conference in 2015. It was a very successful speech and helped move my career forward,” said Jason.

On a personal note, Jason is forever grateful to ACES, where he met his wife, Mandy. Their first date was watching the Colts vs. Patriots AFC Championship game on January 18, 2004. They were married three years later, and two ACES co-workers served as groomsmen. Mandy now stays busy at home raising their three children, ages 14, 8, and 6.

In his spare time, Jason can be found at the ball field coaching youth sports. “Last year I coached a second grade tackle football team. After we won our first game, the kids taught the coaches how to dance the Whip and Nae Nae. For the rest of the season, the other coaches and I were dancing the Whip and Nae Nae with a bunch of seven-year-olds who were much better dancers. I am probably the worst dancer you have ever seen, but it was fun and brought the team closer together,” added Jason.