Iryna Franko, Senior Quantitative Analyst

Employee Spotlight


Iryna Franko joined ACES six years ago with the goal of finding a career that means something greater than just a paycheck. She succeeded. As a senior quantitative analyst, Iryna helps ACES’ Clients navigate the complexities of the energy industry.

“The thing I like best about my job is knowing it matters. I know it helps people,” she explained. “Our Members provide power to homes in some of the most rural locations in the U.S. The household income of the customers our Members serve is often very low. Knowing my work helps manage their electricity costs is the best reward.”

Iryna’s journey began in Lviv, the largest city in Western Ukraine, where she grew up and attended college. “It’s the most Ukrainian Ukraine. It preserved the traditional language and culture of Ukraine. I was born and raised to be a Ukrainian’s Ukrainian. We’re definitely proud of that,” she said with a chuckle.

While attending university in Lviv, an American exchange program caught her eye, providing the impetus to spend a year abroad in Minnesota.

Once she completed her year studying in the U.S., Iryna returned to Ukraine, obtained a master’s degree in economics and finance from one of the country’s top universities, and then applied to Indiana University for graduate school. She moved to Bloomington, IN, earned her master’s degree in economics, and began writing the first pages of a new chapter in her life. As she worked her way through academia, Iryna taught classes in economics, statistics, and finance.

Indiana provided Iryna with more than an education — it’s where she met her future husband, Vitaly Franko. They shared a unique bond; both had to adapt to life in America. Vitaly grew up in Hungary before he moved to the U.S. They frequently travel back to visit family members on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Iryna and Vitaly are blessed with a beautiful six-year-old daughter, Eleanore.

Outside of work, Iryna loves to figure skate, among other hobbies. Figure skating sparked Iryna’s interest three years ago when she dropped Eleanore off at an ice skating lesson. It soon became a passion. The triple axel remains elusive to both mother and daughter, but both are making progress. Other Franko family hobbies include traveling (both within the U.S. and abroad), skiing, running, and photography. Iryna participates in at least one 10K run each year and hopes to progress to triathlons.

Faith is a cornerstone of the Franko family’s foundation of beliefs. Iryna and her husband have been attending and volunteering at Northview Church in Carmel for more than 11 years. Volunteer work with the children in her community is near and dear to Iryna’s heart.

At ACES, the daily responsibilities of a senior quantitative analyst include developing, maintaining, and running portfolio models; assisting with portfolio optimization; assessing risk; preparing monthly and quarterly reports; among other projects. Iryna described her mantra before interacting with a Client: “I like looking for solutions before any problems arise. I plan ahead. How can I help? What can I improve to help Clients control their energy costs?” ACES encourages employees to be proactive in finding innovative solutions. Naturally, Iryna is a perfect fit.