Bill Brands, Portfolio Director

Employee Spotlight


ACES’ reputation is largely due to its employees — a dynamic group of hard-working, dedicated, and driven individuals, like Bill Brands.

Bill is the Portfolio Director at ACES’ North Regional Trading Center (RTC) in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Bill helps manage
several Member and Customer portfolios and oversees the trading operations at the North RTC.

Minnesota is the perfect place for Bill for one simple reason — its lakes! Bill yearns to spend his free time on the water, where he feels at peace. Bill harbors an unabashed passion for waterskiing, wake sports, boating, and swimming.

“My love is waterskiing, specifically wakeboarding and wakesurfing. I am also an avid swimmer,” Bill said. “I own a ski boat on Lake Minnetonka, and we try to take it out every weekend during the summer. I love being out on the water.” Getting out on the lake provides a wonderful opportunity for quality family time. With his first mate and the love of his life, Heather, Bill enjoys taking their three daughters out to waterski, swim, or relax on the waves.

When they aren’t on Lake Minnetonka, the Brands family loves to support the local musical theater scene. “I am a huge advocate and follower of musical theater,” he said. “Our family has been involved in musical theater for a long time. While I’m not an impressive actor or singer, I do a lot of backstage work before, during, and after the productions.”

When it comes to work, Bill had a hunch ACES would be the ideal company to work for long before he came aboard in 2015. With extensive experience trading energy, Bill worked with ACES for years prior to joining the team. “I was in contact with ACES for many years in my previous roles,” he said. “I found the position on my own, but already knew a lot of the folks from ACES through my work history. I was already familiar with the company, which was nice.”

Bill believes in ACES, its values, and, most importantly, its people. There’s a culture of respect and focus on employee well-being throughout the organization.

“The respect I have received and acquired since I’ve been here has been outstanding,” he said. “Everyone seems good to the core.”

When asked if he would recommend a career at ACES, Bill responded, “I would, I have, and I will continue to do so.”