Life at ACES

A Culture Built Around Mastery

Our People

We hire intelligence and character, and work together to foster a culture of diligent service. A culture built around mastery is a rare thing, and a compelling thing for the right people. It’s who we are, and it’s who the people of ACES will always be.


ACES is committed to the physical, financial, and personal well-being of all its employees. Our total benefits package goes beyond what you might expect from any well-established company and is designed to keep our employees healthy in all areas of life.

Benefits Chart

Employee Enrichment

Mentor Program
Adapting to a new environment can be challenging. Each new employee at ACES is provided with an opportunity to participate in a mentor program. Mentors are tenured ACES staff who have volunteered to help familiarize new hires with ACES and its environment, as well as provide them with encouragement and constructive criticism.

Community Involvement and Employee Recreation Committee (CIERC) Activities
While ACES itself is not a cooperative, our culture is focused on cooperative principles. Our staff extends the cooperative spirit of commitment to its community by participating in fundraising, community service, chartable sporting events, and various employee recreation activities. These events are planned by an internal committee at ACES with the goal of helping our communities while building a positive corporate reputation and improving working relationships across departments.

Continuing Education
ACES provides its employees with several ways to advance their professional careers through training opportunities. Employees may be reimbursed up to 50% for qualified higher education expenses. An internal training program, focusing on energy risk management and other industry topics, is available to all ACES staff. This internal training provides a conceptual understanding of various industry specific topics and can be used to help maintain several types of certifications.