Kasey Huffer

Senior SQL Developer

April 2020

Kasey Huffer is a SQL Developer at ACES. She started her career in data analytics shortly after graduating from Butler University with a degree in mathematics. “Shortly after I graduated, I was hired at an IT consulting company as a data analyst, where I was able to build development skills. The company I was working for was acquired by a bigger company. After the acquisition, there were some culture shifts and I decided I preferred to work for a smaller company. I talked to a recruiter, who informed me about an open position at ACES. I applied for the SQL Developer position, as I had a lot of relevant experience at my previous company, and was hired in August 2018,” stated Kasey.

Kasey has a unique role within ACES’ IT Development team. While others on her team are software engineers that support a variety of ACES’ tools and reports, Kasey focuses primarily on supporting ACES’ Portfolio Performance Reporting (PPR) service. “SQL is a querying language used in databases, such as SQL Server and Oracle,” explains Kasey. “The PPR tool is massive and requires a significant amount of data inputs from a variety of sources. SQL is the primary language used to move all this data around and ensure that reports are run as intended,” she adds.

Kasey says that she always has a queue of issues to address or improvements to implement. Adapting to changes to ACES’ systems and software, troubleshooting issues with automated tasks failing, tracking down missing data, and making enhancements to allow process to run more efficiently are just a few of the routine tasks Kasey performs. Kasey enjoys the constant challenges of troubleshooting and finding solutions. “One of the things that drove me to study math is that there is a firm set of rules and logic behind every problem and solution. The same is true for the day-to-day work I perform. Finding solutions is incredibly rewarding,” says Kasey.

In addition to her duties as a SQL Developer, Kasey is an active member of ACES’ Community Involvement and Employee Recreation Committee (CIERC). “I’ve always enjoyed event planning, and CIERC provides great opportunities to get to know more employees at ACES. It’s also nice to be involved in initiatives that benefit our communities,” says Kasey.

Outside the office, Kasey enjoys to travel, and in the past few years has visited London, Paris, Rome, Australia. Kasey also went on a mission trip to Jamaica. She plans on traveling to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest for her honeymoon after she gets married later this year. Kasey also has a plan to visit all 50 U.S. states, and is well on her way to achieving that goal. Of all the places Kasey has traveled, she says her favorite has been Canada. “I know it seems odd to say Canada is your favorite place you’ve traveled. I normally like visiting big cities and historical sites, but Canada is just so beautiful,” Kasey says.

Kasey is always looking for new challenges and ways to improve, which makes her an ideal fit for ACES.

*Note that since being published, Kasey has been promoted to Senior SQL Developer*