Howard Wong

Director of Risk Management

December 2018

Howard Wong has a unique role within ACES. While he is an ACES’
employee, his time is entirely dedicated to one ACES Customer, Glendale
Water and Power (GWP). Nearly all ACES employees are actively engaged
with multiple Members and Customers, but GWP requested an individual
dedicated entirely to managing its energy risk. Rather than hiring a GWP
employee, they contracted through ACES, which allows Howard to fulfill
the role and still utilize ACES resources. In his role as Risk Director, Howard
assists GWP with managing its risks in the energy markets. He assists with
developing and managing GWP’s risk management program, which includes
monitoring recommended hedge strategies, as well as coordinating and
meeting regulatory requirements like GWP’s Renewable Portfolio Standard
and GWP’s Integrated Resource Plans (i.e., plans that outline how GWP
will develop its portfolio over the next 20 years to serve its customer load
and meet California’s environmental regulations). “Operating in California
presents a variety of unique challenges. For example, California recently
approved a plan for electricity to be 100% carbon-free by 2045. This will not
be easy to achieve and is going to require a lot of work and planning,” Howard states. 

Howard’s full-time work for GWP began in September and required him to move to Glendale, California. “I’ve lived in Indiana most of my life,” says Howard, “California is a major change. There’s also a slight culture shift between ACES
and working for a government entity, like GWP, but this is a great career opportunity. I’m also enjoying California’s weather and the ability to walk to work every day.” 

Howard, who previously worked for JP Morgan Chase, joined ACES in 2010 as an Hourly Trader for the western markets, and eventually transitioned to ERCOT and SPP. In 2016, Howard shifted his role to Risk Manager and, after two years, was promoted to Risk Director. “My time trading was invaluable to understanding the intricacies of the power industry. If not for that experience, I don’t think I would be nearly as effective in my current role,” says Howard. “I would recommend everyone at ACES have some front office training. It helps you really wrap your head around how everything fits together,” he adds. His current role allows him to expand his knowledge base by interacting with almost every department within ACES. 

Howard’s main passion in life is traveling, especially abroad. He’s been backpacking and traveling throughout China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and islands in the Caribbean. Howard says, “I especially liked Thailand. The food was amazing, the weather was beautiful, and I really enjoyed the overall culture.” Howard is also quick to adapt to new surroundings. On most of his trips, he plans for his first night and lets the rest of his trip play out spontaneously. “In my work, everything has to be very structured and well-planned. It’s nice to break that habit when you’re traveling and it usually leads to a more enjoyable and unique experience,” he says. Howard is also a big foodie. He states, “When you travel around the world, you have to be open to trying local cuisines. I’ve enjoyed some pretty strange foods, like fried scorpion and pig blood gelatin.” Howard also enjoys camping, hiking, and attending music festivals – one being the annual Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival near Brown County. Howard also has a passion
for motorcycles and cars. He recently bought a 2011 Triumph Thruxton motorcycle that he has fixed up and plans take with him to California.

Howard’s growing depth of knowledge, versatility, and ability to adapt to change makes him a great asset to ACES and GWP. We wish Howard continued success.