Darius Godwin

Network Administrator

March 2018

From an early age, Darius Godwin has had two passions: technology and
sports. “I’ve always had an interest in technology,” says Darius, “I knew from
an early age that I wanted to either be involved with sports or work with computers.” Darius was contacted by ACES about a potential position as he was completing his IT and business degrees at North Carolina State University, and joined ACES’ network services team in Carmel, Indiana in June 2011. 

After several years at ACES’ headquarters in Indiana, Darius had an opportunity
to move back to North Carolina and work as a Senior Helpdesk Analyst at ACES’ East Regional Trading Center (RTC) in Raleigh, establishing a stronger IT presence in that office. “It’s definitely a different environment. Going from the headquarters with 150 employees to the East RTC with 20 employees was a bit of an adjustment,” Darius says of the transition. “The culture is the same, though. We work hard, we have fun, and we can just be ourselves. I’m fortunate to work with people I consider friends, not just coworkers.” Darius adds that he enjoyed working at ACES’ headquarters, but was happy to move back to North Carolina to be closer to family. 

“Working in IT keeps you on your toes,” says Darius. “The job is unpredictable and exciting. You always have to be prepared for what’s next.” On the job, Darius helps ensure IT-related situations do not impact ACES’ operations and
helps make processes more efficient for ACES’ employees, Members, and Customers. “ACES’ IT staff is 100% proactive. Our goal is to find improvements and solutions before problems arise. In the event there is a disruption, we
work to resolve it quickly and with as little impact to ACES’ operations as possible.” 

Darius is also involved in various teams at ACES, such as the Business Continuity team. He enjoys working as part of a team with employees from other departments. “I like being involved in improving the business aspects of our operations, and not having to focus only on IT-related issues.” 

Outside the office, Darius spends his time participating in various sports (football in particular), and is a die-hard Chicago Bears fan. Darius works with youth and adults as a personal trainer and coaches local youth football. Faith also plays a very important role in Darius’ life, and he spends a significant amount of time volunteering with his church. Humble about his volunteer work, Darius simply states, “I just want to help people and have a positive impact on my community.” It’s Darius’ kindness and positivity that make him an ideal fit for ACES.