ACES Relocates North Carolina Office

Carmel, Indiana
ACES – a nationally recognized wholesale energy risk management and transaction execution service company – has relocated its East Regional Trading Center (ERTC) in North Carolina. ACES purchased a 12,400 square foot, $1.84 million building in Raleigh during July 2011. Since the purchase, ACES has enhanced the facility to meet its specific technology and communication requirements. Operations from the new facility began on February 18, 2012. ACES’s Director of Network Services, Brandon Robinson, addressed preparations for the building by stating, “The new ERTC building was designed to meet the needs of the local ACES office while also providing our primary business continuity location for our headquarters facility in Carmel, Indiana. To accommodate these requirements, we have outfitted the building’s datacenter with automated fire suppression, redundant telecommunications providers, and battery backup with an on-site emergency generator for power backup of the datacenter and trade floor.”

ACES was previously leasing a facility and decided to make the move based on a favorable real estate market and purchase a facility that would allow for business growth and service expansion.

The ERTC currently houses 25 of ACES’ 211 employees. Commenting on the new facility, ACES’ President and CEO, David J. Tudor stated, “The purchase made sense from both a financial and growth standpoint. The new building will give us the physical space needed to grow with our Clients as well as expand our scope of services being delivered out of the ERTC.”