ACES Finalizes Deal to Help Manage BPA Slice Product

Carmel, Indiana

ACES – a nationally recognized wholesale energy risk management and transaction execution service company – has entered into a long-term services agreement with Okanogan County Public Utility District No. 1, located in Washington State, to assist Okanogan’s current Slice manager by monitoring Slice Contract schedules during non-business (off-peak) hours and, advising on necessary schedule changes. Okanogan’s current Slice manager is Douglas County PUD.

ACES has begun the implementation process, and expects to go-live with its services on October 1, 2011, the anticipated launch date for BPA’s new Slice Product.

The innovative agreement between ACESand Okanogan allows Okanogan to retain its existing Slice manager while insuring that the incremental demands of the new BPA Slice Contract are met, taking advantage of ACES 24-hour operations and seven real-time trading and scheduling desks. “ACES flexible service offerings allowed Okanogan to take just the services we needed,” said John Grubich, Okanogan County PUD General Manager. “This agreement will allow us to retain Douglas PUD as our Slice manager while giving us the flexibility to respond to changes in the new BPA Slice Contract we signed last year.”

“This service agreement with Okanogan fits well with our strategy of controlled, incremental growth, and it creates an opportunity for ACES to expand its existing customer base and service offerings in the Pacific Northwest,” said David J. Tudor, President and CEO of ACES.

About Okanogan

The Mission of the Okanogan County PUD is to provide dependable, not-for-profit utility services governed by, and for the benefit of, their customers in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Okanogan County PUD serves over 20,000 customers with annual retail sales of over 570,000 MWh.

Questions for Okanogan PUD can be directed to Ron Gadeberg, Power Resource Manager, at (509) 422-8488 or