Ted Vatnsdal, Senior Vice President and COO

Employee Spotlight


With a strong belief that people are ACES’ greatest assets, Ted Vatnsdal helps set the compassionate tone at ACES. With a background in finance, Ted worked in the marketing industry before entering the world of energy.

Ted is a 16-year veteran of ACES and although his position warrants having his own office, Ted prefers to sit on the trading floor with his team. He encourages and is always open to interaction and discussion with all ACES employees. “I can pick up so much more by sitting on the trade floor,” says Ted. “The conversations are more natural and spontaneous,” he adds.
“I get into the office around 8:00 a.m., and I am one of the last people to leave each day. I love the fact that ACES has a national presence, and in my position, I talk with our staff in North Carolina, Minnesota, and Arizona every day,” Ted says.

“As Chief Operating Officer, I manage ACES’ front office commercial and advisory teams: power, natural gas, transmission, analysis, and strategy. I call them the Dream Team because many of them are early in their careers and are very capable and smart,” says Ted. The management team at ACES is very interested and invested in helping our employees be successful. “Our CEO personally reads the performance reviews for all 250 employees,” Ted adds.

“I took up running in my 30s and currently run with some of my coworkers. We had a friendly, competitive one-mile race a few years ago on a Saturday that we called, The Great Race. I believe Jacob Justice won that race,” Ted says. Also an active biker, Ted holds the record for the longest bike commute from home to ACES, at 18 miles. He still bikes to work on occasion and runs when he can find the time.

Ted grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, and his undergraduate degree in finance and economics is from the University of Nebraska, where he graduated cum laude. Ted also holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, with a focus on finance and economics. “I still co-own a farm near Omaha with my sister, but I’m glad to live in Fishers on the northeast side of Indianapolis,” Ted says. “My wife, Tracy, is a realtor, and we have two wonderful kids: Alex and Emma, ages 13 and 12.”

An avid music lover, Ted has been to Bonnaroo several times, as well as Lollapalooza. He hopes to get to Coachella soon. He also served on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Indianapolis Opera for several years. A few years back, Ted served on the Board of Directors for the Toronto Stock Exchange-listed Sterlite Gold, which was a publicly-traded Armenian gold mining company – until they took the company private.

Ted is the lifeguard for his son’s Boy Scout Troop and is involved with the Second Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis.