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ACES Relocates North Carolina Office

Carmel, Indiana
ACES – a nationally recognized wholesale energy risk management and transaction execution service company – has relocated its East Regional Trading Center (ERTC) in North Carolina. ACES purchased a 12,400 square foot, $1.84 million building in Raleigh during July 2011. Since the purchase, ACES has enhanced the facility to meet its specific technology and communication requirements. Operations from the new facility began on February 18, 2012. ACES’s Director of Network Services, Brandon Robinson, addressed preparations for the building by stating, “The new ERTC building was designed to meet the needs of the local ACES office while also providing our primary business continuity location for our headquarters facility in Carmel, Indiana. To accommodate these requirements, we have outfitted the building’s datacenter with automated fire suppression, redundant telecommunications providers, and battery backup with an on-site emergency generator for power backup of the datacenter and trade floor.”

ACES was previously leasing a facility and decided to make the move based on a favorable real estate market and purchase a facility that would allow for business growth and service expansion.

The ERTC currently houses 25 of ACES’ 211 employees. Commenting on the new facility, ACES’ President and CEO, David J. Tudor stated, “The purchase made sense from both a financial and growth standpoint. The new building will give us the physical space needed to grow with our Clients as well as expand our scope of services being delivered out of the ERTC.”

Arkansas Electric Cooperative – 19th Member-Owner of ACES

Carmel, Indiana and Little Rock, Arkansas

Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC), a generation and transmission cooperative serving local distribution cooperatives in the state of Arkansas, has joined as the 19th member of ACES, effective November 1st, 2011. ACES is a 200-employee national energy risk management and trading services company headquartered in Carmel, Indiana.

ACES will provide AECC with a suite of energy risk management services related to credit analysis and monitoring, contract administration, trading controls, risk management policy development, regulatory coverage, portfolio modeling, and transmission and pricing analysis. AECC selected the specific services it initially needs from ACES, but will have the opportunity to select other services as its resource portfolio, energy markets and fuel risks change.

“We are facing a major change in the way we do business primarily driven by the Southwest Power Pool’s developing market and Entergy’s stated intention to join MISO (the Midwest Independent System Operator) in late 2012 or early 2013,” said Ricky Bittle, Vice President of Planning, Rates and Dispatching for AECC. “ACES has broad experience helping G&T cooperatives manage their resources in structured power markets. We will be looking to ACES to augment the capabilities of our existing staff so that we can successfully make that transition.”

David J. Tudor, President & CEO of ACES, added “We are very pleased to have
AECC as our second member in the Southeast U.S. We have a good understanding of the risks and challenges AECC is facing because of Entergy’s decision. Our flexible business model will allow them to decide exactly what kind of assistance their staff needs from us – both now and in the future.”

ACES will station a trading control expert at AECC’s headquarters in Little Rock, according to Jeff Hume, the ACES Director of Business Development who negotiated the membership agreement. “One of the things we emphasized with AECC is the importance of identifying power supply risks so that the board can develop policies and establish limits around those risks. Trading control personnel make sure those limits are maintained.”

About AECC
Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC), based in Little Rock, provides power for about 490,000 members of Arkansas’ 17 electric distribution cooperatives. AECC has annual energy sales of about $669 million and assets of about $1.1 billion which include three hydropower plants, three natural gas/oil-fired plants and two natural gas-fired-only plants. AECC also co-owns portions of three low-cost coal-fired plants. AECC is an active participant in wholesale power markets to take advantage of economical power purchase and sales opportunities.

Questions for Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation can be directed to Douglas White, Vice President, Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas, at (501) 570-2291 or dwhite@aecc.com.

ACES Extends Contract with City of Roseville, CA

ACES – a nationally recognized wholesale energy risk management and transaction execution service company – extended its contract with the City of Roseville, California (Roseville) through December 31st, 2013. The extension includes an option for service fee pricing for 2014 and 2015. This contract affirms ACES’ presence as a leading provider of energy risk management services to municipal and public power utilities, such as ACES’ newest customer Okanogan PUD, located in the western U.S.

Since 2006 ACES has been providing Roseville with a suite of front office, middle office, back office, and IT and reporting services.

Front office services provided by ACES include as-agent management of day-ahead and real-time power and gas transactions, generation dispatch, development of daily gas and electric strategies, and helping Roseville develop and implement long-term risk-hedging strategies. Middle office services include credit services, contract administration, and trading controls (including the capture, verification, and monitoring of all market transactions). Back office services include the settlement of bilateral and CaISO energy transactions.

“We’re a satisfied customer,” said Michelle Bertolino, Director of Roseville Electric. “We continue to believe that ACES’ services provide good value for Roseville, and allow us to do a better job of managing risk, and power and gas costs.”

“Although we survey customers annually as part of our effort to provide quality services, the ultimate test of how we are performing comes at contract renewal time,” added David J. Tudor, President and CEO of ACES. “Roseville is a valued customer, and we are extremely pleased that they chose to continue taking ACES services.”

About Roseville
Located in Placer County along the eastern edge of the Sacramento Valley, at the base of the Sierra Nevada foothills, Roseville is about 16 miles from Sacramento, the state capital. What started as a town developed by disappointed miners from the famed 1849 Gold Rush has blossomed into a thoroughly developed, independent city with an estimated population of 120,000. Roseville incorporated on April 10, 1909 and is a charter city operating under a City Manager-Council form of government.

About ACES Power Marketing
ACES Power Marketing, headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, began its operations in February of 1999, and is owned by eighteen (18) power supply cooperatives. It also provides services to over 50 customers including cooperatives, municipals, irrigation and public water agencies, financial institutions, industrial companies, and independent power producers.

ACES’ business strategy is unique in the energy marketing and trading industry. It operates as an energy risk management and hedge manager, developing strategies, implementing trading controls, and managing transaction execution for multiple entities as their legal agent. ACES’ business process allows its customers to actively participate in the hedging strategy by collectively utilizing ACES’ infrastructure and resources to assess risks and execute specific, customized portfolio strategies. ACES does not transact for its own account, nor does it speculate in the market for its Clients.

ACES Finalizes Deal to Help Manage BPA Slice Product

Carmel, Indiana

ACES – a nationally recognized wholesale energy risk management and transaction execution service company – has entered into a long-term services agreement with Okanogan County Public Utility District No. 1, located in Washington State, to assist Okanogan’s current Slice manager by monitoring Slice Contract schedules during non-business (off-peak) hours and, advising on necessary schedule changes. Okanogan’s current Slice manager is Douglas County PUD.

ACES has begun the implementation process, and expects to go-live with its services on October 1, 2011, the anticipated launch date for BPA’s new Slice Product.

The innovative agreement between ACESand Okanogan allows Okanogan to retain its existing Slice manager while insuring that the incremental demands of the new BPA Slice Contract are met, taking advantage of ACES 24-hour operations and seven real-time trading and scheduling desks. “ACES flexible service offerings allowed Okanogan to take just the services we needed,” said John Grubich, Okanogan County PUD General Manager. “This agreement will allow us to retain Douglas PUD as our Slice manager while giving us the flexibility to respond to changes in the new BPA Slice Contract we signed last year.”

“This service agreement with Okanogan fits well with our strategy of controlled, incremental growth, and it creates an opportunity for ACES to expand its existing customer base and service offerings in the Pacific Northwest,” said David J. Tudor, President and CEO of ACES.

About Okanogan

The Mission of the Okanogan County PUD is to provide dependable, not-for-profit utility services governed by, and for the benefit of, their customers in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Okanogan County PUD serves over 20,000 customers with annual retail sales of over 570,000 MWh.

Questions for Okanogan PUD can be directed to Ron Gadeberg, Power Resource Manager, at (509) 422-8488 or rong@okpud.org.

ACES Opens West Regional Trading Center

WECC Expansion Driven by Member Needs Expected to Enhance Growth Opportunities

Carmel, Indiana

ACES – a nationally recognized wholesale energy risk management and transaction execution service company – significantly expanded its presence in the western U.S. electricity market on May 1st by opening its West Regional Trading Center (WRTC) in Benson, AZ. In conjunction with this opening, nine staff members have transitioned from Arizona Electric Power Cooperative (AEPCO) to become ACES staff, and ACES modified its service agreement with AEPCO to expand the services provided to include electricity and natural gas trade execution services (on an as-agent basis).

Furthermore, on October 1st, 2011, AEPCO will begin providing trade execution services to the Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD) to support approximately 475MW of peak load, in addition to AEPCO’s existing 575MW of firm peak load. ACES, as AEPCO’s agent in the WECC market, will play a pivotal role in supporting AEPCO’s service agreement with CAWCD, including expanding the trading operations at the new WRTC.

Patrick Ledger, Executive Vice President and CEO of AEPCO stated “Our Board and senior management thoroughly evaluated the decision to leverage our membership in ACES more fully. We feel that blending our existing trading staff into the ACES culture will result in a more efficient and sophisticated trading operation and will benefit AEPCO’s members and customers for a long time to come.”

“Establishing a Regional Trading Center in Arizona has benefits for both ACES and AEPCO. It meets our strategic goal of expanding our business in the West while assisting AEPCO with their business goals,” explained David J. Tudor, President and CEO of ACES.

AEPCO owns and operates the 600 MW (gross rated) Apache generating station in Cochise, Arizona, east of Benson and south of Willcox. AEPCO is the generating entity of Arizona’s G&T Cooperatives (www.azgt.coop) which also includes Southwest Transmission Cooperative, Inc., (SWTC), the transmission side of operations, and Sierra Southwest Cooperative Services, Inc., (Sierra) which provides the manpower and support services for the three cooperatives. . Arizona’s G&T Cooperatives are members of Touchstone Energy (www.touchstoneenergy.com) with “The Power of Human Connections.”

Questions for Arizona Electric Power Cooperative can be directed to Geoff Oldfather, Communications and Public Relations Manager at (520) 586-5465 or oldfather@ssw.coop.